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nir-va-na sleep    \nir-`vä-nǝ,\    \`slēp\ n.
1. An ideal condition of rest, harmony, stability or joy for the mind and body, in which the eyes usually close

Discover your Nirvana by creating a sleep sanctuary that delivers an ideal environment for a better night's rest. Nirvana Sleep™ modern customer solution creates an atmosphere that immerses you in today's leading technology, providing the best solution for better sleep: specialty bedding.

Specialty bedding combines the most advanced technology in the sleep industry, using a variety of materials that offer the highest level of both comfort and support. Nirvana Sleep™ refreshing and interactive experience allows our guest to be guided through a journey toward balancing the mind, body and spirit, ultimately achieving restorative sleep.

Nirvana Sleep™ showrooms are uniquely designed to emphasize sleep health education, body analytics, and mattress and sleep accessory selection. These elements collectively provide the essentials to create your own personalized sleep sanctuary. The Wellness Center and Wellness Bar allow guests to actively participate in discovering solutions for their sleep aliments by engaging with an interactive program focused on sleep health benefits and new bedding technologies. A private Tranquility Room with a state of the art diagnostic system allows our guest to partake in a process that narrows down what products are most beneficial for their needs. Specially trained Wellness Advisors guide guests through the unique Nirvana experience and are readily available to educate guests on what products can best fill their specific requirements. The Nirvana Sleep™ team is pleased to answer any questions that help our guests make the right decisions in creating his or her ideal sleep environment.


Balance your night, and balance your life with Nirvana Sleep™.


Family owned and operated with combined 50 years of experience in the sleep industry.



Nirvana Sleep Showrooms

Fort Myers, Florida

15121 South Tamiami Trail, Suite 101
Ft Myers, FL 33908
239-437-5147 or 239-437-5729

Naples, Florida

2170 Tamiami Trail North,
Naples, FL 34102
239-643-5060 or 239-643-5061